Doomed Sand Merman

Title: Doomed Sand Merman

Medium: Beach Sand

Date Started:December 2011

Date Finished: Unfinished

Doomed Sand Merman


I began and partly finished this sand sculpture some time late in December or 2011 down by the beach in Rockingham.

Why I chose to display this work is because I thought it might be interesting to demonstrate that regardless of where you are, it is always possible to start creating.

My original intent in creating a screaming merman on the beach was to demonstrate to passers by ill effects of leaving their garbage by the ocean.
I have always lived by the beach – I think we under-estimate how lucky many of us truly are to often live within driving distance of the ocean. As for myself – I practically grew up on it. My dad is an avid fisherman, and from an early stage had no problems letting his excitable, hyper-active daughter tag along and lose hooks and sinkers alike (Whenever I’d hook my line on the rocks, he’d joke that I’d caught the biggest fish of all – Australia).
Which is why, as a child of the beach, I absolutely hate it when people forget to take their trash with them. I can’t tell you how many crab filled rockpools and pristine grey beaches have been marred by the glint of broken glass or the danger of twisted line.

When I was sculpting my merman, I had originally planned for two figures – the merman suffocating flat on his back, and a mermaid collapsed over him. I would have found a piece of plastic lying beneath the bridge a few feet away from me (where the picture was taken from) and press it into his open mouth. As if this wasn’t enough to get my point across, I was going to write in the sand – just above them – the following words:

DON’T KILL MERMAIDS – dispose of trash thoughtfully 🙂

Needless to say, alot of kids loved it.

I never got to finish my sand-merman. The photo taken above represents two hours of work – the brunt of which was actually digging up the sand as opposed to sculpting it. The hair (which you might notice, is made of darker sand then the rest of the body) was made from sand I waded out into the sea to get. I used a wooden pop-stick that I found while digging in the sand to sculpt the finer details of his hair and face.

Overall, I always enjoy sculpting things when I’m at the beach. This particular sculpt represents a darker topic then I’m used to.

Usually I just bury my brother in the sand, and turn them in mermaids.



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