Creative Philosophy

The world is a fantastic place. I firmly believe that. Our entire lives are nothing short of a series of minor miracles, made even more miraculous by the fact that, as human beings, we very rarely realise it. In fact,  I believe a huge chunk of our creativity is derived from the recognition of that mundane splendour that permeates our everyday lives. From the ragged beauty of an empty street at four in the morning while waiting for the bus to work, to a vase of wilted sunflowers awash in afternoon sun.

It’s the job of the so-called creative individual to elicit and experience these minor wonders, and find a means to share them with the rest of the world.

Which is what I hope to achieve. I want people to recognise the inherent miracle of the world – be it good, bad, euphoric or tragic – and to show to them that boredom very rarely exists in the real world.

There is no greater joy then existing, and no greater tradgedy then forgetting that.



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